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This project is transferring to a new website:

This is because version 6 of the project software has become a national activity.

For a definition and discussion of eExams, please view the Wikipedia article.

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Open-source computing for assessment

This web-site contains software and toolkits to allow educators to conduct examination-style assessments using computers instead of pen & paper. The intention is to assist curriculum transformation by making available techniques and reflections on their use.

June 2013: Version 5 development funded

Mathew Hillier at the University of Queensland received a grant from the Australian Office for Learning and Teaching to work on a pilot version of the eExam System. This is likely to include a Moodle instance on the USB startup stick and may incorporate a secure communication link to an answerscript collection server.


April 2013: Version 4 released. The open-source version now boots from just a USB on both Macs and PCs (collect a USB image from the download section). Licences will soon be available for the greeter version – automatically opens the exam question paper and saves it with candidate ID number in the Answers partition.


June 2012: A new procedure for making your own eExam USB at home has been released for trial… try it out.


December 2011: Pre-tertiary field use of eExams

Following a successful mid-year trial, nearly one hundred pre-tertiary Year 11 and 12 students sat their end of year Information Technology and Systems exam using computers… read more


March 2011: The University of Tasmania Academic Senate Approved the use of eExaminations in all subjects.



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