Creating your own eExam USB using a Windows PC


For this exercise you will need:

a)      A 2Gb or larger USB drive which will be completely overwritten (so make sure it has nothing on it you wish to use later).

b)      An eExam image file (for example Practice eExam ESH380-12.img must be unzipped after downloading, and is 1.1 Gb – a very large file). This particular image file contains the materials for a post-paper exam – so some questions cannot be viewed on paper.

c)       A copy of Win32DiskImager which you can download from Download



Once you have downloaded and unzipped these files, you can commence the installation of your eExam onto the USB drive.

These instructions will assume:

·         the USB drive has been plugged into your computer and has been assigned drive letter ‘E’ (if it  is allocated a different drive letter, use that letter in the instructions instead of ‘E’)

·         the eExam image file is on the desktop

·         and Win32DiskImager has been unzipped onto the desktop.


1.       Run Win32DiskImager by opening the folder and double-clicking

Description: Description: \\\Staff-WWW\afluck\eExaminations\download\Creating eExam USB_files\image001.jpg

1a. On my Windows 7 machine this produces an error message (see below) but I have found you can ignore it. Just click on OK.

Description: Description: \\\Staff-WWW\afluck\eExaminations\download\Creating eExam USB_files\image002.png

2.       The Win32DiskImager program starts. You should click on the folder icon to locate the eExam image file on your desktop. The USB will probably be located automatically – make sure the drive letter is exactly right. Once these two items are correct, you just click on the Write button.

Description: Description: \\\Staff-WWW\afluck\eExaminations\download\Creating eExam USB_files\image003.png

3.       You may get another warning.. If you REALLY chose your USB drive, it is OK to click YES. A progress bar will be displayed.

Description: Description: \\\Staff-WWW\afluck\eExaminations\download\Creating eExam USB_files\image004.png

3a. The process of making an eExam USB took about 6 minutes on my laptop computer. When the process is complete, you will see a Complete box – click ‘OK’. Close down Win32 Disk Imager using the Exit button. Do a safe removal for your USB and eject it.

Description: Description: \\\Staff-WWW\afluck\eExaminations\download\Creating eExam USB_files\image005.png


4.       Before running the newly created eExam USB your computer must be completely shut down. Not put to sleep or suspended – you will be booting into a completely new operating system (Ubuntu) so you need to do a full shut down. Once your computer is shut down, you can insert the USB and follow these candidate instructions – please read carefully before turning on.