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(Latest) Version 4

1.      This version is available as a zipped USB image with a single example examination eExam4Certification.img. Replace the exam with your own assessment (& security image). Follow this link to see how this image can be written to your own USB (requires 2.5Gb or greater capacity). The licence is contained in the System partition.



Version 3

1.      eExam System 3 [withdrawn] contains an ISO based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, with default configuration file (sound enabled), example secret key, documentation and licence [771Mb ZIP)]. Source code for this version is available at https://launchpad.net/eexam.

2.      Creating your own eExam USB using a Windows PC [withdrawn]



Version 2 

  1. eExams version 2 (based on Ubuntu 9.04) ISO image [676 Mb] [withdrawn]
  2. eExams version 2 documentation [withdrawn]
  3. How to start and run your eExamination (guide for students) [withdrawn]


 Older versions

1.      Reconstructor for Exams (Ubuntu software to create eExam CDs) [withdrawn]

2.      Reconstructor for Exams (documentation only) [withdrawn]


Other information

Comparing eAssessment for high stakes examinations



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