Electronic Examinations



Old News

December 2010: Version 3 released

Please visit our download page to obtain a copy of the new version (based on Ubuntu 10.04) with configuration files and documentation.


November 2010: Tasmanian Qualifications Authority adopts state-wide trial


March 2010: University of Tasmania strategic project

The University of Tasmania has decided to spread the use of eExaminations and continue system development.







19Nov09: Breaking news

Bernard Lane from the Australian Higher Education supplement broke the news about the eExam at the University of Tasmania."Our students at the end of the examination said how pleased they were not to have hand cramps"

6Nov09: Breaking news

One hundred and twenty four students on three campuses of the University of Tasmania undertook a formal examination using the eExams system. Their test on Modes of Curriculum Inquiry was found on a special eExam USB stick, and they saved their answers in a partition on the same stick. Virtually all students were very happy with the experience, with about 10% using an institutional laptop - everyone else brought their own computer.


7Sep09: Breaking news

eExam version 2 is released for evaluation. This new system uses a version of Ubuntu which has been tailored to deny local hard drive access, forbid communications by any form of networking and picks up a security image from a USB stick. It runs on intel-based Apple Macintosh or Windows PC computers, and most users find it blindingly fast. Please go to our Download section to acquire the system and documentation.






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