Electronic Examinations





August 2013 - Transforming Assessment in a Digital Era (Melbourne, Australia)

Implementation of on-campus digital examination practices get the paper


July 2013 - Computer Aided Assessment Conference (UK)

Computers in the university exam hall: reflections from Scotland and Tasmania by Nora Mogey & Andrew Fluck


July 2013 - World Computers in Education Conference (Poland)

Comparison of institutional innovation: two universitiesí nurturing of computer-based examinations by Andrew E. Fluck and Nora Mogey


March 2013 - Transforming Assessment webinar e-Exams transforming curriculum

This webinar was broadcast globally and with participants from leading higher education institutions. View the recording..


February 2013 - Presentation at Estonian Tigerleap teacherís conference

Estonia is more internet-connected than most places on earth. Teachers were interested in learning how to create post-paper exams. Read more ..


2012 - eExams in Pre-tertiary examinations

The Tasmanian Qualifications Authority has used the eExam system for paper-replacement and post-paper examinations leading to university entrance. Read more..


2009 - Case study of a computer based examination system in Australasian Journal of Educational Technology - see http://www.ascilite.org.au/ajet/ajet25/fluck.pdf

University Exams on Computers - blog comment indicates eExams have been adopted by University of Phoenix - see

University of Tasmania Strategic Project documentation


Tasmanian Information Technology in Education (TASITE)  presentation




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